What we do?

We create new ideas.




We will make a new outfit for your brand and show it to the world exactly as you imagined it. Let the colors and visuals communicate the message to your customers, because a picture speaks a thousand words – and good branding tells the whole story.


Web design.

Let’s put together the cornerstone of your organization. We will combine your story with our web design experience to present your brand in a unique, modern light. Choose the service packages we offer to make your brand shine with full splendor.


UI/UX design.

Keep the audience that belongs to you. Using state-of-the-art UX standards for user interface design, we connect your product with your audience. With our UX/UI services you will not only attract but also retain the users on your interface.


and answers.

What makes us different?

Each agency has its pros. Minimalism is our guiding line, which is what makes us special. Alongside that, we are reliable, resourceful and we respect the deadlines agreed with the client. Creativity is also our friend – we find a solution to every problem.

Can you make a website?

Of course! We offer both design and development of websites on WordPress CMS. Why WordPress? Because the development is faster, and content update is a lot simpler than with other sites.

What is branding, and why is it so important?

Do you have a special product or a service, but the market is so large that you are afraid you will go unnoticed? What you need is to be branded. From a design standpoint, branding is a process of creation of your visual identity. That’s a very strong and powerful tool when you present your company to the market. It’s helps create a strong emotional tie between the customer and your product or service. Research show that companies who did the basic branding principles have a 32% increase in profits when compared to their competitors. How to start? Give us a ring.

What do I get with your branding packages?

In any of our branding packages you will get 3 designer solutions for a logo and business card. In italic package you also get a “brand book”, which encapsulates the pattern, colour pallete, icons and designer guidelines on how to uphold your brand image.

How can I ask for an offer?

You can check out our pricing on the “services” tab, or contact us via the form. Describe your company or project and we will call you back with an advice and offer.