Services: Graphic design

Task: Design and development of visual identity

Client: Špancirfest


Špancirfest is one of the most famous Croatian festivals, not only on the north but in general. Every year, it is held in Varaždin, starting all the way to the late 1990s. As one of the largest and most demanding brands in Croatia, Gentleman Creative Agency is extremely proud of our cooperation with Špancirfest.


Gentleman Creative Agency did a complete support for Špancirfest around the brand’s visual identity. From logos, T-shirts, and programmes of the festival to the production of advertising and promotional materials such a festival requires. We incorporated our design style into Špancirfest, a story of activities and colourfulness, which can be seen in the festival images.

HEX - #3FB7E0 - #2975A6

HEX - #1D6934 - #68A23E

HEX - #E6A123 - #F7CD1B

HEX - #D42A2A - #E28A25

HEX - #A63580 - #DD679D

HEX - #912D78 - #55ADDE

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